COVID-19 Safety Not Stigma: Jenna and Lena

I cried before almost every prenatal appointment over the last 10 months…I didn’t want carrying a child in a Black body to be a death sentence for me as it has been for so many Black mothers in this country…Black bodies including Black women have historically had to question for profit hospital systems, part of the racist/capitalist American fabric that never opened its arms as a place of healing for Black and Brown families. While there are many highly capable and loving individuals who work in hospitals, many of who are risking their lives…we must still critique the larger framework. These are places that weren’t safe [for Black bodies] to begin with. So, how can we expect them to possibly be prepared to take care of the masses equitably during a pandemic?


How do we safeguard Black mothers and children during a time of pandemic? One of many critical questions that must be asked as Black people suffer and die disproportionately from COVID-19. Today is the last day of Black Maternal Health Week. Founded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance#BMHW works to deepen the conversation about Black maternal health in the US; amplify community-driven policy, research, and care solutions; center the voices of Black Mamas, women, families, and stakeholders; provide a national platform for Black-led efforts on reproductive justice; and enhance community organizing on Black maternal health. You can help. Please share. Thank you.

We are love
We are power
We are abundant

Jenna and Lena

Pictured: Jenna is a lifelong community storyteller, truth seeker and equity advocate who has spent her career centering and amplifying diverse voices. She spent the last decade of her career working as a broadcast journalist in New York, Kansas City, Missouri and most recently Seattle. Currently, Jenna is the leader of Culture & Innovation at The Riveter. She gave birth to her first baby, Lena, at a freestanding birth center on International Women’s Day (March 8).

COVID-19 Safety Not Stigma is a portrait campaign to help combat increased racism against people of color during COVID-19, raise awareness about the disproportionate impacts of coronavirus on communities of color, and prioritize safety instead of stigma by the public.

Safety notes: These photos were taken at safe distance outside using a 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens. I wore a mask and sanitized my equipment immediately following. Please remember the CDC recommends at least 6-ft or more of distance from those outside your family cluster.

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