Raising Mixed Race


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Research continues to uncover early childhood as a crucial time when we set the stage for who we will become. In the last decade, we have also seen a sudden massive shift in America’s racial makeup with the majority of the current under-5 age population being children of color. Asian and multiracial are the fastest growing self-identified groups in the United States. More than 2 million people indicated being mixed race Asian on the 2010 Census. Yet, young multiracial Asian children are vastly underrepresented in the literature on racial identity. Why? And what are these children learning about themselves in an era that tries to be ahistorical, believes the race problem has been “solved,” and that mixed race people are proof of it? This book is drawn from extensive research and interviews with sixty-eight parents of multiracial children. It is the first to examine the complex task of supporting our youngest around being “two or more races” and Asian while living amongst “post-racial” ideologies.

ISBN: 978-1138999466
Paperback: 247 pages
Publication: December 15, 2015


In one of the best field interview studies of multiracial issues yet to be done, Sharon Chang has captured for all readers, whether social science experts or not, the gritty realities of being mixed-race in this country.
Joe R. Feagin, Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M, Author of Racist America
If we are to capture the imagination and membership of our community’s next generational cohort, we must become fluent in nascent conversations on multiracial identity…’Raising Mixed Race’ is undoubtedly set to become the benchmark tome on this subject…
Ryan Kenji KuramitsuPacific Citizen
A must read for parents, teachers, students, and researchers of mixed race early childhood development, ‘Raising Mixed Race’ fills a critical void in literature on parenting and identity formation for multiracial Asian American children.
Laura Kina, Professor of Art, Media, & Design, DePaul University, Editor of War Baby / Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art
As a historian of racial mixing, I found the quality of Sharon H. Chang’s research enviable. Most importantly, as a parent of a mixed, Asian child, I felt relief that such an empowering guidebook had arrived.
Greg Carter, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Author of The United States of the United Races: A Utopian History of Racial Mixing
The book is groundbreaking. I can’t say enough good things about it…even if you don’t have a mixed race kid yourself – we all have associations with mixed children in our lives in many different ways…We all have a responsibility to read this book.
Minelle Mahtani, Professor of Human Geography & Journalism, University of Toronto-Scarborough, Author of Mixed Race Amnesia: Resisting the Romanticization of Multiraciality 
I hope that as many parents of racialized mixed-race children read this book as possible, so that future generations don’t have to wish their parents had.  
Rema TavaresMixed In Canada
Raising Mixed Race is a fundamental book for all  multiracial families who seek to understand the unique perspectives and experiences their children have or will face.
Maria AdcockBicultural Mama
Though this book has a focus on multiracial Asian children, it is not just  a book for parents of multiracial Asian children. It is a book for all children of color…[It] is for anyone who comes in contact with children in any way. This means if you are a teacher/educator, a child care worker, do research with children or on race and intersectionality…This book is for everyone.
Chandra CrudupMixed Roots Stories
The new vocabulary in [Raising Mixed Race] has helped me talk about thoughts and feelings I didn’t have words for. I hope this discussion moves to mainstream…so that more people can gain the same knowledge and tools that Chang has given me.
Hugo WongRice Paper Magazine
If you have mixed-race kids, teach mixed-race kids or know any mixed-race kids, you should read Sharon Chang’s book.
Jerry LargeThe Seattle Times
I commend the author for…exposing the hollowness and the dangers of the multiracial propaganda we commonly hear…The writer’s courage in addressing the realities and complexities of the multiracial experience is a refreshing relief, and we need so much more of this in our world…
Nicola CodnerMixed Race Feminist Blog