My Taiwanese American Reading Challenge

I’ve been considering for a while whether to share a personal reading challenge with you. I hesitate to set personal goals on the interweb because if I don’t see them through (which happens) my goals look kind of silly. Yet even as I’ve been considering, I have been reading and reading. Until I’m already 10 percent of the way through my challenge. At which point I have finally realized, I am the one being silly and that you all might actually want to hear what I’m doing. 

So, here goes. This is a post to tell you all about #MyTaiwaneseAmericanReadingChallenge. 

I have challenged myself to read/watch 100 books and films about Taiwan and Taiwanese  America by the end of 2020, if not sooner. I would prefer most of these books and films to be by Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans themselves, but I know that won’t always be the case. I am aiming for a majority of works set in Taiwan but am also interested in books that explore Taiwanese diasporic experiences. 

Let me tell you where this all began.


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