Census 2020 Moblizing: The Multiracial Population


When my sister, Cherry Cayabyab (KAYA Strategik), first asked me to join her NCORE workshop on Census 2020 organizing and to add presentation slides on the Multiracial population–I was hesitant. Multiracial people, it seemed to me, weren’t “hard to count” as much as complicated to count. With pressing Census 2020 issues like the citizenship question, language barriers, technology access, etc., I didn’t want to take up space. But Cherry pointed out Multiracial people are historically under-counted in the US and, subsequently, there isn’t great data on mixed-race (identifying) populations. That got my attention. Couldn’t disagree there.

So, I signed on to be a co-presenter and headed to NCORE in Portland last month. NCORE, the National Conference On Race and Ethnicity, is a conference largely for higher education administrators and consultants. Held at the Portland Convention Center, Oregon, this year, NCORE saw a record-breaking 5,000 attendees. The conference is in its third decade.

The workshop Cherry and I gave was Census 2020 Campus Mobilizing and Action, Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 3:30p. In particular, we discussed how campuses can organize to better represent their historically under-counted populations by encouraging communities to accurately fillout the next decennial Census. The next Census will take place April-May 2020. It will be the first in US history that residents can complete online.

I helped present on various topics. But for this post, I want to go over three slides on the Multiracial population that I added to our slide deck…



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