I Started A New B&W Instagram!

Organizer Maru Mora at a Worker and Immigrant Solidarity march, February 12, 2017, Burlington WA [photo by Sharon H. Chang]
As an artivist who likes to create using mixed media I’ll be honest–it can be a little tricky figuring out how to publish, share, and integrate my work. Truth is I can’t say I’ve figured out much yet. The good news though is that with today’s tech there’s so much accessibility, so many platforms and options, and so much room to experiment! Which is super fun for someone like me who literally can’t stay confined to a single category, platform, label or genre.

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Indigenous Brilliance (and stifling whiteness) at Seattle Women’s March 2.0


by Sharon H Chang

I’m waiting for the light rail in South Seattle. The morning weather is typical for a Northwest winter. Overcast, low 40s, threat of rain always imminent. If I’m honest, I’m having a lot of feelings that match the weather. Not very positive. I didn’t go to Women’s March 1.0 because, honestly, it just didn’t feel inclusive. A year later, that feeling remains. Why am I going now? Because this year in Seattle we will be lead by Indigenous Women and for this contingent, it feels crucial and necessary to show up.

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I Just Went On An “Orientalist” Twitter Rant

by Sharon H Chang

After researching European colonialism intensely the last month for my second book and thinking deeply about systemic racism as a colonial project–I had the crap experience of watching Iggy Azelia’s new music vid “Mo Bounce” the other day, sequel to her blatantly orientalist “Bounce” of 2012. If you haven’t seen the new vid I don’t recommend it. But you’ll probably watch it anyway for the same reason I did. It’s the kind of plasticized, botoxed stuff a la the Kardashians and Real Housewives that we tell ourselves is a train wreck but watch anyway cause it’s so sickly fascinating we can’t help it (plus, white supremacy)–and then it makes a ton of money off our consumption. Sigh.

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