Americans May Not Be As Open to Mixed-Race Couples As They Think


Expert opinion for The Stranger. Article by Ana Sofia Knauf:

According to Sharon H. Chang, author of Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World, the UW study’s findings completely go against “the ‘telling polls’ trotted out by mainstream media saying that ‘levels of acceptance are so high.'”

In the process of writing her book, Chang extensively studied the history of racial doctrine, which dictates that populations of differing races must stay siloed away from each other.

“Society ingrained that we shouldn’t mix. Our nation is founded on that kind of ideology and it’s still woven into our culture today,” says Chang, who is mixed-race Asian and white.

Chang recalls a shopping trip with her son where a Filipino store clerk approached them to ask if they were mixed-race. “I said ‘yes’ and she said something like, ‘Oh, there’s no pure blood anymore,’” says Chang.


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